Events & Networking

The WEEE-NET9 project aims to transform WEEE recycling by introducing an innovative solution designed to significantly enhance the recovery rates of Critical Raw Materials, setting a new standard in sustainable recycling practices. Join our training seminars, offered by leading experts in WEEE recycling, and gain unparalleled expertise to advance your knowledge, your skill set and networking potential. The training seminars delve deep into the latest methodologies and innovations in the field, providing a solid foundation for tackling WEEE challenges.

Furthermore, our matchmaking sessions are designed to foster collaboration, offering participants the opportunity to engage with a wide range of stakeholders from RIS WEEE value chains. The WEEE-NET9 matchmaking sessions are designed to follow an interactive format, facilitating tailored meetings and discussions among participants to spark collaboration and drive forward innovative synergies in domestic and transnational WEEE value chains.

Our dedicated online platform is the gateway to both the training seminars and matchmaking sessions, offering seamless access to these enriching experiences with just a click. Dive into a world of innovation and collaboration in the WEEE-NET9 ecosystem, explore our platform and elevate your business potential with just a click.

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