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The University of Miskolc is the largest university in the Northern Hungary region, with its multidisciplinary faculties, it plays a decisive role in the education, research and development of the region. For the industry and corporate sector it provides professional managers and engineers, thanks to whom the continuous development of both companies and settlements can be observed.

Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

In the field of earth and environmental science, in multidisciplinary topics, in several scientific fields, partly connected to the natural sciences, partly connected to the field of technical sciences, carries out educational, research, development and innovation, professional further training, scientific training tasks, professional-scientific public life activities regionally, nationally and internationally. The Faculty established in 1735 and it was the first higher education institute in Europe what based on the mining professions and traditions. In this days also worked in hydrocarbon research, hydrogeology, environmental protection fields due to the changing in the attitude towards our environment.

Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering occupies a unique position as a driver for innovation in a range of specialist areas such as pyro and hydro metallurgical technologies, powder and ferrous metallurgical processes, metal bearing waste treatment and also non-metallic materials technologies. It is an industrial research-oriented Faculty, comprising three (4) Institutes particularly focused on energy / melting / combustion / refractories and polymers, metallography / forming / nanotechnology, metallurgy and foundry practice and last but not least chemical technology.

Institute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Technology

The Institute was established in 1923. Its original name was Department of Ore and Coal Processing. Now the fields of science and engineering dealt with by the Institute are mechanical process engineering – raw material processing – as well as environmental process engineering: processing of mineral and non-mineral raw materials and solid industrial and municipal wastes using mechanical processes as well as wastewater treatment, air purification and purification of contaminated soil using mechanical, physicochemical, chemical and biological processes. This is the only institute in Hungary that pursues and teaches this special field, as a workshop of education and research. Its activity is internationally recognized, and it has been taken part in extensive international cooperation for several decades. The laboratories of the institute are classified into the following units: Comminution-classification-agglomeration; Raw material and waste processing techniques; Nano-processing; Bioprocessing and reaction techniques; Wastewater technology; Powder technology and multi-phase flow, and Lithophysics labs.

The companies and educational institutions that work in close cooperation with the institute are: Omya Hungary Ltd.; MiReHu Nonprofit Kft.; Perlit-92 Kft.; Vertikál Nonprofit Zrt.; ALCUFER Zrt.; Inter-Metal Recycling Kft.; 3B Hungaria Ltd.; ProfiKomp Zrt., Cemkut Kft.; Transdanubian Regional Waterworks Ltd.; Montanuniversität Leoben; Technische Universität Berlin; and Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg.

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