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This time, we are introducing Marie Horniecka, Project Manager for the WEEE-NET project, representing PowerHUB. With a background in managing both private and EU-funded technological projects, she is passionate about cutting-edge technologies that have a positive impact on the environment and society.
Since 2017, PowerHUB has been on a mission to make the world more sustainable, equitable, and interconnected. We do this by harnessing innovative digital technologies to create sustainable ecosystems. Our approach involves providing a hub where stakeholders from various industries can collaborate to drive positive change.

With a focus on transfer of technologies and cross-sectoral collaboration, our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including sustainability, circular economy, mobility and logistics, data analysis, smart charging for electric vehicles, autonomous transport of goods and people, hydrogen fuel, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and startup support.

Through our past collaborations in over 10 international projects, we’ve cultivated a network of cities, national agencies, companies, and academia, including top Czech companies like Škoda Auto and PRE, international ones like Siemens and Tractebel, leading universities and research institutes such as Fraunhofer, CTAG, UCL, UTUM, UGent, and VUB, and forward-thinking cities like Barcelona, Prague, Hamburg, Madrid, and Izmir.
In the WEEE-NET project, PowerHUB takes on the role ensuring visibility and networking, and organizing info days for industry, policymakers, research, and academics in our region. We also focus on capacity building and network development, organizing technology diffusion seminars, matchmaking events, and connecting with relevant stakeholders. Additionally, we contribute to the sustainability of the network by connecting consortium partners with local WEEE recycling actors, designing Business Support Services (BSS), and promoting policy recommendations.

Our primary goal is to promote awareness of the innovative technology within our region. The Czech Republic has shown commendable progress in e-waste collection, and we see the recovery of precious metals from it as the next step in demonstrating the country’s commitment to efficient e-waste recycling.
We joined the WEEE-NET project because of our unwavering commitment to sustainability across various industries. Having been involved in projects related to electric vehicles, we’ve received questions from concerned stakeholders about EV battery recycling. We believe it’s essential to advance technologies that address the growing issue of electronic device production, not just in the mobility industry but across all sectors, including individual devices.

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