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SEC IKE (core partner) is an independent research and innovation SME committed to work towards
sustainable development mainly in the areas of Energy, Environment, Transport, ICT, Tourism and Urban
Mobility. SEC provides insightful, timely and focused research on engineering solutions along with
Business services. SEC is comprised by an expert team of high qualified researchers, engineers and
innovation managers focusing to provide and offer first class R&D&I services. SE&C has an expertise on
the waste recycling into formatting high added value materials from industrial and other waste, applying
a simple process which valorizes high amount of waste.

Dimitra Skentzou joins WEEE-NET9 project on behalf of SE&C, as a junior researcher. Dimitra holds a
degree in Geology and Geoenvironment, and currently studies for her Masters degree in Material
science and technology. She has joined various EITRawmaterials projects, in communication and
dissemination activities, business strategy marketing, matchmarking and stakeholders’ events, as well as
design of life cycle assessment and material flow analysis.

SE&C will be responsible in Business R&D consulting, as well as, will co-lead the network sustainability
WP6, together with the WEEE Forum and PROMEA: 1) provide input and feedback for the blueprint, 2)
organize the national commercialization networking campaign and draft the report, 3) develop the
business support resources and the strategic plan for project continuation, 4) organize the national
campaign for engaging Public Authorities and draft the campaign brief. Like every partner, SE&C will: a)
provide feedback on work plan and performance reports, on the risk management and quality assurance
plan and annual reports, and participate in the project meetings (WP1), b) provide information for
website and social media posts, give feedback on the design of dissemination and communication
materials, produce copies and distribute to own contacts, participate in national info-day and distribute
invitation to own contacts (WP2), c) collect data for own territory/country for mapping of business
actors, relevant decision-makers and stakeholders along the WEEE value chain, regularly contribute with
new contacts, provide input for the study report on market and value chain specificities for own country,
and provide input on the regulations, legal aspects, funding and certification schemes on WEEE handling
from own country/territory (WP3). In addition, SE&C will: i) participate in diffusion training seminar in
own country and draft the country’s summary report (WP5), ii) organize the country’s matchmaking
event to enable adaptation of project approach in active local WEEE recycling practices and/or
ecosystems & provide suggestions for summary report (WP5).

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