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I am Dr. Anastasia Maria Moschovi, Head of the Research and Innovation Department of “MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd”. MONOLITHOS participates in and coordinates more than 30 European EIT and Horizon 2020-2023 funded projects, aiming at the development of innovative and sustainable catalytic materials and recycling EoL products processes, towards a green and circular economy model. Recently, I was announced as the winner of the “Woman in Energy” category during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2023, for my contribution in investigating and establishing innovative methods in Europe.

MONOLITHOS Catalysts and Recycling Ltd. is a Greek industrial SME company that specialises in the production of advanced catalytic materials for automotive, naval, energy and tire vulcanization applications and in recovering critical and strategic raw materials from EoL automotive catalysts, electrocatalysts, PV panels, permanent magnets, and batteries.

MONOLITHOS was founded in 2000, with its primary commercial activities consisting of gathering, sorting and pre-processing automotive spent catalytic converters, as well as importing and trading automotive exhaust systems. Furthermore, MONOLITHOS is a Greek market-leading company producing aftermarket automotive catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters for emissions and soot treatment. Our Research and Innovation department was established in 2017. Since then, MONOLITHOS has participated in over 20 research projects, has published 25 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and owns 4 European patents. Our hydrometallurgical method has been awarded the UK DIT Award from Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 in the ClimateTech category. MONOLITHOS owns industrial and lab facilities of 1500 m² in Athens, having additional premises in Thessaloniki and Cyprus.

We are very excited to be part of the WEEE-NET9 project where MONOLITHOS will assess, diffuse, and fine-tune the WEEE-NET9 technology for integration into existing recycling facilities. As a commercialization partner, we actively engage with the technology-providing partners to achieve the aims of the commercialization plan. In our company, we strongly believe and promote recycling in all fields where it can be successfully applied. Thus, we are eager to explore this recycling technology and reveal all the advantages it can provide including the strengthening of the REEs value chain within the EU, resource conservation, waste management, and data security. The identification of the possible bottlenecks in all the stages involved and raising awareness on the CRMs recovery issues align with our company’s orientation towards a greener future.

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